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We will see you in Pittsburgh next year July 16 - 18, 2019 for the 2019 NACRO Annual Co...

Melissa Erekson

In March 2019, Melissa will begin a new adve...

Join. Connect. Grow.

NACRO is a network of U.S. and international corporate relations professionals that is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities and sharing best practices that enable members to develop and advance comprehensive, mutually beneficial relationships with industry and establish common language and metrics for peer comparison. Founded in 2007, NACRO has grown to more than 500 individual members.

Member Insights

"Coming from industry into academic corporate relations, NACRO has provided me with the ability to network and understand how peers at other institutions work most effectively in this profession."
Lenna Cominos, Carnegie Mellon University
"Being new to the field of academic corporate relations in January 2007, I have been honored to have been a part of the formation of NACRO since its first gathering that summer. The relationships I have built over the years as a member of this organization have been vital to the development and advancement of my career. "
Dorothy Kittner, Washington University
"NACRO is a wonderful place to find the information needed to help build the case for change with your leadership."
Roger Vanhoy, University of Illinois


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